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PowerCell is persistency. Whether developing new features or improved products, the PowerCell employees support solutions that go beyond the conventional to ensure that customers benefit from our ingenious fuel cell technology.

Our roots reach way deep. In the early 90’s, AB Volvo started researching fuel cell technology, a research which led to the founding of PowerCell in 2008.

Since then, PowerCell has launched several groundbreaking solutions that enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint and harmful emissions .

This long, deep, and wide experience has lead PowerCell to where we are today, offering emission-free power systems based on innovative fuel cell and reformer technology. We develop and produce fuel cell stacks and systems with unique high power density, for Stationary, Marine, Off-road and On-road applications. PowerCell’s products are powered by pure hydrogen and generate electricity and heat without any other emissions than water. Our world-class development team reaches astonishing results, bringing our customers´ business towards true zero emissions.

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